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An external trainer runs a session for all staff. You notice that one of your team repeatedly checks their phone and passes comment to those nearby - either mocking the trainer or those staff-members that are engaging enthusiastically.

After the delivery ends, you see a senior member of leadership go over to the trainer, thank them, and apologise for the lack of professionalism from 'some'.

Outside the room, your team-member approaches you and says, "Well, that was a waste of time, wasn't it?"

One of your children has a habit of dumping their school bag by the door as soon as they get inside. It makes the hallway look untidy and blocks the path to the stairs for the rest of the family. The bag is full to bursting as they never take it upstairs to empty and reload - just squeezing more in depending on what they need for the day. Things are scrunched inside and the seams are set to tear.

You have also received an email from the Head of Year requested your child buys a new textbook to replace one that has been returned badly damaged.

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