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Chris Brannick

Chris Brannick

Chris Brannick is a polymath who believes that creative thinking is at the heart of every solution. He is a qualified executive coach who uses imaginative strategies to unlock your potential and help to solve your issues.


His 30 year career as a professional musician gives him an insight into how you can engage and mobilise people; his work as a writer will help you to communicate quickly and effectively; his maths degree shows the critical thinking needed to carefully analyse your challenges; and his time as CEO and Chair of music education charities gives him an understanding of your perspectives as a manager and leader.


Chris’s coaching style is solutions-focussed but playful. In addition to deep questioning, he will often use toys and exercises to give new lateral insights into your situation, and visual aids are a strong part of his coaching toolkit. Every client is a unique, resourceful individual, but encouraging you to take a sideways glance at your challenges will often deliver new thinking and innovative answers.


Best known in the artistic world as a percussionist, he is also a member of the internationally renowned contemporary percussion quartet ensemble bash and Classic Rhythm, a maverick trio of musical magpies. As a writer, he was awarded the 2018 Global Motion Pictures Award for both Best Screenplay and Best Character Development and he was a winner of both the 2014 and 2016 Chesil Theatre 10x10 short play competitions. His plays regularly appear at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes. As an actor, his roles have covered moles, journalists, Bruce Willis impersonators, flying mathematicians and Death. His book World Beats is published by A&C Black. He is also an examiner for ABRSM.

As part of cabaret duo Sue Casson and The Brannick Academy, Chris has appeared in this country and in New York; their album Tutankhamun All Wrapped Up sold 65,000 copies.


“When you have a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails”

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