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Colin Tapscott

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Colin Tapscott

Colin is an EMCC accredited Senior Practitioner, currently with 27 coachees on a one-to-one basis.

He is the Suffolk regional EMCC co-ordinator leading and supporting other coaches in their development.



Colin’s purpose is to empower people to be the hero of their own story. He coaches the whole person, so enables them to review their purpose, values, strengths & energisers for the coachees to understand themselves clearly.  Using a range of visual mapping and active techniques, open questions and sharing relevant cognitive & leadership theory, Colin empowers you to make wise, informed choices. Inspiring & equipping you to make positive decisions. Colin has a speciality in anxiety coaching and helps coachees identify the root of their anxiety and dial it down to make their work more satisfying.


Colin is member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and abides by their Code of Ethics for Coaching.



Colin’s career has been mainly in the field of education. He was a Headteacher for 17 years in schools in Hertfordshire and Suffolk. His first headship was amalgamating two schools to form one large successful 470 place primary school. His last headship was in a 650-place primary in Ipswich. With fourteen of his former senior staff now working as headteachers, he knows how to develop and empower staff to lead.


Feedback from Clients:


Providing coaching sessions for the leadership team was such a worthwhile investment and has really helped us to strengthen everyone's skills.                                                                                            Helen Ackerman – Headteacher


You can trust Colin to help you find the best solution to your challenges - he has absolute belief in your abilities.

                                                                                                                                                    Lee Abbott – Headteacher


How has coaching helped me? Confidence; time to reflect away from the people and place of work; techniques and tips for managing change and handling tough conversations.                                   Peter Mabbitt – Deputy Headteacher



Colin genuinely listens to you & is then able to guide you to keys you already have within you to open the doors to genuine change. He uses very practical tools & exercises which he explains well, so you never feel lost. A brilliant coach who puts you at ease as soon as the session starts & throughout. I've enjoyed every session & had life changing results in my personal life & for my business!                                                                          Theresa Ribeiro – Celebrant

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