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We offer a specialist range of coaching 'one to one' and group packages to suit the needs of both individuals and organisations.      



 In partnership with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama we also offer advanced certification in executive coaching.    

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    Sustaining a vital professional

    A research report into the impact of leadership coaching in Schools

    “Headteachers give so much of themselves to support teachers and to make a positive impact on children and young people, and yet they experience some of the highest levels of stress in the system. 


    At a time when the challenges in the education system are becoming acute, this research demonstrates that specialist coaching can make a real difference in the professional and personal lives of headteachers.”

    Professor Rachel Lofthouse 




Linden Learning has two spheres - Linden Coaching and Linden Early Years, you are currently on the Coaching site.  To visit Early Years click here


Linden Coaching expands thinking, deepens understanding and develops self-efficacy.  Its a challenging and supportive partnership with benefits for the individual and the organisation by improving performance and well being. 


Linden's coaching team of executive and leadership coaches has established a reputation for excellence.  We offer a range of packages to suit differing priorities and are keen to discuss individual needs to tailor support to each client. 


We offer a 20% discount for individuals working with charitable, education or arts based organisations.  

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